Saturday, 30 July 2016

2 minute cheese dip - restaurant style!

So, I am a fan of quick recipes. Anything that takes time and effort is not my forte. So there is this party going on in our house and we ran out of appetizers. I had to make a quick dip for nachos, I found this brilliant recipe on the net and here it goes.


Butter - 4 table spoon
All purpose flour - 4 table spoon
1 cup of whole milk
A block of mozzarella cheese


In a flat bottom pan, melt the butter and add the same amount of flour and mix it well. The flour will show some foams and at that time add milk. Once the flour gets fully absorbed in the milk, grate the cheese block over this. Keep stirring till the whole mixture thickens to the desired consistency. Enjoy with a veggie platter OR chips.

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