Saturday, 2 April 2016

Move away Cereals, Quirky Veggie Dishes are becoming mainstream!

Whatever happens in the US or the west soon catches up in India. Usually finds it route to India Via Mumbai and spreads as fast to Bengaluru, the NRI capital of India and from there all over.  The Paleo diet that has become a massive people's movement now in India was popularized by the Americans.  The biggest element of Paleo diet is to avoid Cereeals and dairy and largely thrive on Plants, Fruits, Nuts, Meat etc. No Sugar, Refined Oils and Flour.  This trend has also resulted in the large scale leverage of Vegetables as a base to make noodles, Waffles, Buns etc. Spiralizer has become a big hit Kitchen aid in many restaurants lately. I found a whole lot of recipes when searching for Sprializer dishes:

Whats more, the food trends of 2016 and beyond predicts the serving of Plant based food variations over cereal/Pulse based creations. I have seen Buns, Rice, Noodles, Tarts being created out of spiralized veggie variations...The pics below of the actual creations are simply mind blowing!

What this spiralizing trend could do to the Indian food industry? Here are some healthy Variations for the diet conscious Indian foodies:

1. Vada Pav - Spiral Vada made from noodles and potato instead of flour
2. Briyani - Ambur Dum briyani might as well get prepared to serve briyani variations made from spiralizers
3. Dosa - A mix of spiralized veggies and a little wheat flour could create a magical healthy variation of the regular dosa
4. Paranthas and Kulchas stuffed with raw veggie variations of Paleo base instead of fried stuffings

Healthy eating is the new normal and the Indian Urban crowd is already avoiding heavily prized and unhealthy eating as a regular habit when it comes to dining outside.  Latching on this, Restaurants are frankly admitting the use of GMO or MSGs in their food and vouching to replace them with fresh farm produces and natural ingredients. Some of them declare the calorie count as part of the menu so the end user know precisely what they put in their mouth. For such restaurants that serve honest and healthy food, this trend among consumers is a breakthrough and a huge opportunity!

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