Sunday, 17 April 2016

Coffee love and the trends that will make us want more!

A coffee is a delight. South Indians like me are very used to a rich filter coffee that is made from coffee powder, custom roasted and combined under our personal supervision at a nearby Coffee Day OR Leo Coffee. For South Indians, a cup of morning Coffee is a ritual that is as sacred and as indispensable as the morning mantras that we chant.

When I first tasted the many coffee variations at Kalmane Coffee in Bangalore, I was swept off my feet. The rich coffee variations of the Mysore kings with cardamom, Cinnamon and other such spice additions were sure a delight to sip up once in a while. I go coffee hunting for multiple South Indian variations. I am generally not a fan of Barista OR Star Bucks where the froth is more and there is more water than Coffee.

Now there is some great news for all Coffee lovers. Restaurant and food trend analysis predict that Quality Coffee at a premium is back as a favorite among customers. Customers do not want just any coffee, but Rich, premium coffee that is custom made with many variations and flavors from many countries such as Ethiopian, Irish, Asian etc. Coffee is now becoming an experience in itself.

If you are looking at opening a QSR serving coffee, this might just be the right time for you.

A few business ideas for a Coffee joint:

1. Curated Coffee: Deliver Curated Coffee beans and Coffee powder online. Craft Coffee is a great business model to follow. Though Cafe coffee day has an online delivery model, the customer base is too huge in India and can definitely accomodate another 10 players in this space if they provide good quality coffee. The online model should let the customer choose the exact ingrediends and beans and create an engaging experience.

2.  Nitro Coffee: Have you heard Nitro Coffee? A super twist to Black coffee lovers, this Nitrogen infused Coffee promises to be a rich and Coffee from a Tap that is served Chilled. This is a rich and hot trend and if offered in QSRs along with some quick food, this will be major consumable for many years.

3. Indian Version of Star Bucks: And I dont mean serving what StarBucks serves in the Americas or the Europe. We want a stylish version of our local Street side Coffee vendor serving "Kaapi". In Indian streets, across Kerala, Tamil nadu and Karnataka we can find a 15 different variations of making coffee either with an Instant powder Or a filter coffee OR a mix of both. I have watched the programme "Food Mad" where they go on a coffee trail to Kerala and find restaurant that serves a 3 layer coffee with decoction, froth and milk on top that brings together a one of its kind coffee taste. Similarly in 
Tamil nadu, coffee is largely made with Buffalo Milk and it is served with    multiple repeated layers of decoction on milk. Kumbakonam Is another famous place for coffee.
Apparently the kings of Mysore in Karanataka were so addicted to rich additions to their home grown beans which Kalmane Coffee serves.

By 2020, coffee Cult will be back and we coffee lovers will neither have it Black or white BUT our favorite Brown Filter Kaapi with Beans imported from Ethiopia!

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