Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cutting right into our sweet tooth are these delicious trends!


The Indian foodie loves desserts. Indian tradition has it that we have more than 100 plus distinct sweet variations. Now that is a huge contribution from India to the rest of the world. Our adoption of the western desserts such as Cakes and Cake pops have added to the rich spread of desserts that we so enjoy to have in parties!

And we see some very interesting trends that twist the dessert platter:


1. Tea infused Sweet somethings

We have seen Coffee infused desserts and caked, but on the rise is Tea Infusion in desserts. Green Tea ice-cream, Rhubarbs infused with Earl Grey Tea, MatCha Green Donuts, Chamoile Tea Cookies, Chai Chocolate Stables and the list just goes on.



2. Quirky ice creams

Long gone were the days of the Single Scoop plain ice-creams.  We have already seen Stoners and Cream Stones trending well in India with customizable variations added to a plain flavor to create a WOWing ice-cream experience. But what we see here is a change in basic ice-cream flavors. Fruits are entering heavily into the ice-cream where ice-creams are made with the freshest seasonal fruits. Not to forget other flavors such as Pan, Lemon Grass, popcorn, Gulab/Rose into the flavor. Ice creams Just got bigger and more Quirky. Bina’s Homemade Ice-cream in Mumbai is a telling tale of the future Trend in this space.


3. Go Hybrid

In Dessert land, Fusion is called as Hybrid.  An interesting trend to watch out for, where ice-creams sandwiched between Donuts and Cookies as a base are making a major headway. What is more delightful is the Donut Cone, where Donut base is used to Fill in a delicious ice cream scoop. Thai fusion has Ice-cream in a Coconut, Ice-cream filled Tacos, Gulab Jamun ice-cream are just the tip if this huge Ice-Cream-Berg.


4. Sugar and Spice

Well its not all sweet anymore. Customers are beginning to develop a liking for spiking up their sweet somethings with spices and ofcourse Beer, Wine and Vodka. The Margarita cupcake includes lime, tequila, triple sec and fleur de sel. Cinnamon and Ginger are becoming common spices in Cheesecakes, Ice-creams along with Chilli.

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