Saturday, 13 February 2016

The future of eating could very well be what these start-ups are selling!

Three start-ups have caught my eye and mind. Rightfully so because If I were to summarize 3 major food trends that will catch up India very soon, if not already, I can very well say this:

1. Indulgence without the sugar OR white Sugar replaced with healthy alternatives.
2. Food in a bottle/Box. Indians will replace large meals with single Box alternatives.
3. The replacement of dairy with products made from Nut milk

These 3 different Food Start-Ups funded outside India that have received major funding for further expansion and are being recognized for their uniqueness speak loudly for these three trends. What are these?

1. OppO - Guilt free Indulgence! - A U.K based ice cream maker that has made a breakthrough in ice creammaking by getting rid of the cream and sugar with Coconut oil and stevia leaf. Their research claims that Coconut oil adds the creamy texture required for ice cream replacing the cream and the stevia leaf replaces the sugar. Very true to their brand image, it compares with the calorie levels of just an apple. This is an amazing trend in the right direction which could let us have an ice cream treat everyday! It is sourced by Crowd funding and has received major funds to grow and expand!

2. Soylent - Free your Body! - A breakthrough drink that is now available only in USA and Canada, Soylent combines Soy proteins, Beets and Algal oil topped with Vitamins and Nutrients carries a great message for us! Which is A full day of Balanced nutrition made in 3 minutes at $3/meal. Whoa, that is one hell of a marketing genius at work there. That aside, it cleary sets in a precedence to drink wholesome One Box meals instead of eating a plate full of food.  The product is created in a very clean factory model and is all set to expand across the world.

3. Kite-Hill - Revolutionary Plant Based food. Now please dont get me all wrong that I am promoting some Farming business here. Though I would love to. Kite-Hill offers one of its kind, almond milk and/or Nut milk based variations to dairy products. Their product lines vary from yummy ricotta/Cheese/Yogurt, Cream Cheese spreads, Cheese cakes and more cheese and also Entrees!!

I would personally love to see these brands here in India and these trends adopted into our everyday lifestyles.


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