Friday, 5 February 2016

Great changes in food habits are happening and it is worth following!

I am a great fan of food! I watch only food shows on TV, I spend a minimum 30 minutes to one hour everyday reading about food, health, beauty and overall trends in this space!  I avidly read what nutritionists and health gurus eat in a day, what they do and why they are so successful in life.

Needless to say food plays an overall role in one's success in life. The more careful about your diet that you are, the more energy that is there for you to go after your life's dreams. Food can make or break you. One can get away with not excercising but never from bad eating.

Apparently, the food habits are changing to be more aligned with these thoughts and values. My typical eating in a day goes like this:

As soon as I wakeup a glass of warm water with lime and honey. After a gap of about 40 minutes a strong filter coffee with sugar. Then in an hour a bowl of fruits. If I am not having fruits then a smoothie or a vegetable juice. Then in the one hour typical south indian breakfast such as Poha, Dosa, Upma and the likes. All this is done by 8;45 a.m. Then an hour later around 10 a.m a glass of green tea. Then around 12 ish a lunch with vegetables and salads containing about 12 large spoons of rice. Then at snack time a few biscuits, fried peanuts or some such snack. Then around 6:30 dinner with 2 rotis and a vegetable.

I compared this with the notes shared by a nutritionist in one of her columns. It had exactly 4 iteams. A coffee made from almond milk in the morning followed by a veg smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some meat and veggies for dinner. Snacks had some healthy brownies or nuts and dessert had a dark chocolate unsweetened.

Clearly I was eating too much.  I now consciusly try to reduce the carb and have more fluids, more protein and more meaningful food than just carbs.

This trend could just be the beginning. We indians tend to think of large meals when we eat, while actually half of it would be enough to keep us alive. There is a major trend of having veggies in a smoothie and salads as whole means that is beginning to sneak in Indian households too! It would not be a surprise if a rice based meal or a roti based meal becomes an one time affair in Indian households. A welcome change and a step towards a healthy life and longevity!!  I would say let us be disciplined about food and let us be consistent on that!!


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