Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Milkshake Madness - Creamy oreo goodness!

Hey there! Its been a while since I blogged and today's blog is about a super simple recipe. I am not the one who cooks intense food. My patience threshold is so poor that whatever I cook has to get done in max 30 minutes. Anything that takes more time ends up looking like anything but food!

That said, making milkshakes [OR for that matter anything sweet - Desserts] is my favorite hobby. My hunt for tasty and quirky milkshakes continues and this time I tried OREO cookies milkshake.
Sooper Simple to make and tasting outright delicious, is this awesome shake!

Here goes the recipe for the milkshake:


1. 6 Oreo cookies chocolate filled. Apart from this, Keep 4-6 cookies for decorations. Keep them crumbled/Powdered OR as it is.

2. 2 cups vanilla ice cream

3. 1 cup of milk

4. Optional  1/2 cup of sugar - I avoided the sugar because Oreo and Vanilla ice cream already had a lot of sugar

5. 4 tablespoons of chocolate sauce

6. 2 spoons Peanut Butter - Optional. Makes the milkshake more creamier and gives it a nutty flavor

6. Sweetened Whipped cream - vanilla flavored

Grind all ingredients in the blender except the whipped cream. Pour into a tall glass till it fills to 3/4th. Above this level, fill with whipped cream. On top of the whipped cream, Place 2 Oreo cookies OR spread crumbled Oreo Cookies on top of the whipped cream. Serve chilled. Enjoy!

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