Friday, 22 January 2016

Kick it up with this Yummy Chocolate Drink!

 I have a major sugar craving and I keep raising the kitchen for little sugary treats. My coffee craving is quite bad too and its usually a mix of thick creamy coffee with extra sugar. There were times when I would be so tempted to have a morning coffee that my morning Yoga session gets badly cut short to grab that hot steaming cup.

Well, not a good thing at all. Till, I found a glass of blessing that came straight from one of the food lover's sites. A variation of hot chocolate that gives you the kick in as much less sugar and caffeine.

The ingredients are:

2 tea spoons of cocoa-powder [dark]
1 cup of almod milk thinned [can use regular milk too]
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
A dash of chia seeds
A spoon of peanut butter home made

Mix all the ingredient in a blender and sip it up!

The use of almond milk gives you the power of the nuts without the bad effects of dairy. Coconut oil is so fatty and creamy also gives a nice texture to the drink. Peanut butter is to get that nutty addition to chocolate. Regular milk is good with this recipe too!

Let me know how this pans out!

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